Wednesday, July 8, 2009

'The Martyrdom of Helena Rodrigues',how are the gender roles reversed??

i)Mental= The females in the story were the strong and decisive way a man should think while the weak and giving way that the males think should be that of a female. The male should be the protector and provider of the female that he loves. Both fater and son gave in to Heleans wishes and sacrificed themselves as a woman would do to fit into society. Caroline played a important role that pushed George to move away from his mother and become more like a male but he falls to his mother in the end.

ii)Emotional= Helena has taken on the emotional roles of up-bringing George that should have been his fathers. As a result George's gender role was reversed from the child to care-taker when he grew up,to support his mother that eventually led to his death. He also denied his emotional feelings for Caroline to take care of her because to him it would be the ultimate sin to insult his mother or cause her harm

iii)Spiritual= George was trapped in the females world spiritually where he had to obey and make the best out of it under his mothers care. She raised him to fear and fear for her at the same time, which should be how female(sterotype) view males, the dominant(sterotype) ones.

iv)Psychological aspects of the four characters=
Females: Aloysius and George both were controlled by Helena thought she was 'kind' in her on way of securing her own future. 'Teaching' both of them to be 'good' using her cunning mask. Caroline was similar to Helena in a way that she tried to 'teach' George how to get away from his mother but using a less cunning style and more direct and true.
Males: Aloysius and George both were devoted to Helena because of her 'teachings' and therefore took on the the roles of the female for the as the dependant and weak while the females became the power over them. Thought George was treated as a male by Caroline, in the end he did not emerge victorious against his mother.

These are how the gender roles of the story were reverse because of one factor that changed them, Helena.


Monday, July 14, 2008


I think identity is understanding ones self,emotionally and physically.Understanding our limitations and how we caan make them work our way.People who really understands themselves are those who have had a life changing experience or a trumertizing one.Those who have seen things not meant for them to see or a view of the world too intense for them to accept.When one really knows ones self,they are more grateful to life than to those who do not.That is what I think identity is so there...feel free to comment on my tag box

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What is identity??
Is it a sense of belonging,
Or perhaps place of sercurity for the soul,
Is identity a person,
Or a haven,
Identity comes with experience,
Of who you are,
What you have done,
why you have done,
How you have done,
Identity is lifes goals,
To find one selfs identity,
One must first know ones self.